Encuentros íntimos, lugares lejanos

Title: Encuentros íntimos, lugares lejanos
Location: Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts
Description: A program of shorts from around the world, all focused on that special (and sometimes awkward) moment when two strangers come face to face for the first time.
Price: $7 ($5 members)
Start Time: 16:15
Date: 2008-11-15


Mission Cultural Center for the Latino Arts 

2868 Mission St
San Francisco, CA



dir. Esmir Filho, 2007, Brazil, 14 min

Pressured by her friends, a twelve-year-old girl confronts her fears and experiences her first kiss. Winner Best Short Film at the Sitges International Film Festival.


El año del cerdo 

dir. Claudia Calderon, 2008, Cuba, 10 min

In Havana’s Chinatown, a series of characters will find a second chance in life. 


Gallos / Cocks 

dir. David Pantaleon, 2007, Canary Islands, 4 min.

What could have been an interesting love triangle takes an unexpected turn. 


Ellas se aman / They Love Each Other dir. Laura Astorga Carrera, 2008, Costa Rica, 18 min. 

Estela and Rosario are mistaken for lovers by their coworkers. This will create a bond between them and help them confront their problems.


Tranquila, mi amor / Be Still, My Love 

dir. Carla Tamma, 2008, USA, 9 min.

Two friends share a story about death in their childhood and rebirth in adulthood in 1960s Mexico.


Hoy no estoy/ Not Available Today   

dir. Gustavo Taretto, 2007, Argentina, 7 min.

One day, Martín wants to disappear. He doesn’t want to be seen at all. 


Adán y Eva / Adam and Eve 

dir. Laura Muñoz, 2006, Venezuela, 15 min.

Adán, a man who has worked his whole life and has forgotten to live. Eva, a widow who has forgotten how to feel like a woman. Together they find a new beginning to the last years of their lives.



dir. Arturo Ruiz Serrano, 2007, Spain, 12 min.

Gabino has never declared his love to a woman; this might be his last chance.