ILFF 2008 in Marin

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Youth in Video, 2008

This year there are three outstanding YIV projects created in Marin.

The first is “Dream Act,” about Latino students unable to attend college because their parents and by extension they don’t have legal status to be in this country. The short film deals with two families dealing with this problem and offers details about the Dream Act that is supported by Congresswoman Lynn Wolsey and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

The second film is a documentary about the green movement in Marin and particularly the Latino workers in West Marin who are the backbone of organic farming in the county.

The trailer for the whole festival is by a YIV student, Tomas Christian, who has made clay characters in the style of the Greek muses of comedy and tragedy who, despite their small size, manage to attend and enjoy the Latin Film Festival.

High School Outreach, 2008

As part of our community outreach program, since its beginning, the ILFS has been offering complimentary screenings of good feature films for some 300 high school students in Marin County. This year we will present “Don Quijote, cabalgando por el cine”/ “Don Quijote, Riding Through the History of Cinema,” a documentary that includes excerpts from some forty versions of Cervantes’ masterpiece, including films starring Cantinflas (as Sancho), Orson Wells, Peter O’Toole and Fernando Arrabal. The first filmed version was made in France in 1903 and in the 21st century there have been two important films made in Spain. The film narrates the main adventures of the Man of la Mancha while also reflecting the history of the times when each version was made. The Soviets, for example, particularly liked the scenes in which the duke and duchess exploit Sancho. “DQ cabalgando por el cine” is an excellent way of assuring that teen viewers will become familiar with a story that is such an essential part of the Hispanic world.