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¿Y tú, cuánto cuestas?
So, What's Your Price?
2007, Olallo Rubio, 92 mins.
Feature Documentary, Mexico
This controversial socio-political documentary by filmmaker Olallo Rubio explores the complex relationship between Mexico and its northern neighbor. Through candid on-the-street interviews, hilarious ...[more]
638 Ways to Kill Castro
2006, Dollan Cannell, 76 mins.
Feature Documentary, Cuba, UK
This shockingly objective documentary tells how the CIA and Cuban exiles have made 638 attempts on the life of Fidel Castro. Amazing archival footage and interviews with would-be assassins reveal the ...[more]
A cada cerdo le llega su San Martín
2007, Ismael Nava Alejos, 10 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
Guns, cheating, money, two children and an unbalanced butcher woman....[more]
A garota
The Kid
2006, Fernando Pinheiro Guimares, 4 mins.
Short Narrative, Brazil
The story of a child in black and white and her watercolor doll in painting on canvas....[more]
A papá
To Daddy
2007, Sergio Teubal, 8 mins.
Short Narrative, Argentina
A sweet moment in the life of a bad behaved dog, a teenager with Down’s Syndrome and the mystery about his birthday cake....[more]
2000, Carlos Isael, 2 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
An experimental film about the personal transformation of an individual over a ten-year period....[more]
Adrift in Manhattan
2007, Alfredo De Villa, 91 mins.
Feature Narrative, USA
English / Spanish
Rose (Heather Graham), an optometrist separated from her husband, has lost her child. Thomas (Dominic Chianese) is an aging painter who is losing his eyesight. And Simon (Victor Rasuk, ”Raising ...[more]
Al pueblo le dan...
People get...
2006, José Villalobos Romero, 5 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
In this animated short our consumer society makes everything, including ourselves, garbage....[more]
Alonso's Deadline
2007, Mario Galarreta, 6 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
A recently widowed neuroscience professor, Dr. Alonso, finds new hope in an unlikely connection with a young school janitor, Elias....[more]
Angels & Wheelchairs
2007, Anthony Lucero, 5 mins.
Short Documentary, USA
A local loving mother cares for her one hundred pound angel. Liam Mayclem of Eye on the Bay said, “At the judges’ table, we looked at each other and said, ‘The film gets high marks f...[more]
Antes y después de besar a María
Before and After Kissing Maria
2007, Ramón Alós, 7 mins.
Short Narrative, Spain
Eight year-old boy obsesses about Maria, whom he sees every summer and longs to kiss....[more]
Asalto al sueño
Assaulted Dream
2006, Uli Stelzner, 84 mins.
Feature Documentary, Guatemala, Germany
Thousands of people leave their impoverished Central American countries every year with hopes of making it to the USA. This heavy-hitting documentary centers on a group of young Central American men a...[more]
August Evening
2007, Chris Eska, 128 mins.
Feature Narrative, USA
A family of undocumented workers in Texas faces a series of tough choices threatening the bonds that hold them together. Their very survival is at stake. The lives of an aging farm hand and his young,...[more]
Ballad of a Soldier
2002, Kinan Valdez, 60 mins.
Feature Narrative,
Description not available......[more]
Breathing Chamber
2006, Carlos Marulanda, 15 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
A boy in a breathing chamber, confined to a basement, spends his days in front of a TV, enduring ghostly visits from his family....[more]
Camión de carga
Cargo Truck
2006, Juan Sebastián Jácome, 9 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
Despite her own illness, a Central American single mother risks her life to give her son a better future in the United States....[more]
Camilo - The Long Road to Disobedience
2007, Peter Lilienthal, 85 mins.
Feature Documentary, Belgium, Germany, USA
English / Spanish
“The day I was handcuffed was the day that I knew I was free.” So explains staff sergeant Camilo Mejia, who served six months in Iraq with U.S. forces and then refused to return on the gro...[more]
Captain Amerika
2007, Camilo Leon, 17 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
A retired US Marine and big fan of Captain America, shares suburban life with his oldest son, skinny and brilliant teenager with a special talent for electronics and computing....[more]
Cara de queso- mi primer gueto
Cheese Head- My First Ghetto
2006, Ariel Winograd, 80 mins.
Feature Narrative, Spain, Argentina
Ariel and his family spend their summers in an idyllic Jewish country club. His grandmother is the local rummy champ and his mother teaches Israeli dances on the tennis courts. His sister Natalia wear...[more]
Carne de neón
Neon Flesh
2006, Paco Cabezas, 18 mins.
Short Narrative, Spain
In this humorous crime caper a hooker, a junkie, and a transvestite with existentialist problems face serious gang members. With Victoria Abril!...[more]
Chicha tu madre
2006, Gianfranco Quattrini, 90 mins.
Feature Narrative, Peru, Argentina
“In the practice of tarot there is a journey, a fool's journey.” So begins the story of Julio César, a hard working yet unlucky taxi driver in Lima. More interested in the simple pl...[more]
2007, Juan Flahn, 99 mins.
Feature Narrative, Spain
Victor, a shifty real-estate agent in Madrid’s gay district, Chueca, wants to make the neighborhood the next hottest place to live. In fact, he’ll do anything to push out elderly tenants t...[more]
Cocó y Nicó
2007, Alejandro Cantú, 5 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
A unique romantic relationship between a woman and a very strange character. Play, dream, love…....[more]
The Contestant
2007, Rodrigo Cortés, 90 mins.
Feature Narrative, Spain
In this biting satire of modern consumer society, Martín (Leonardo Sbaraglia) an innocent and hunky everyman, thinks his life will be perfect when he wins the biggest TV contest prize ever: two...[more]
De niña a madre
Girls to Mothers
2006, Florence Jaugey, 70 mins.
Feature Documentary, Nicaragua
Follow the lives of three adolescent mothers as they grapple with motherhood in rural Nicaragua. This documentary by Belgian filmmaker Florence Jaugey won the prestigious Dirkvandersypen Award in Belg...[more]
Deserto feliz
Happy Desert
2007, Paulo Caldas, 88 mins.
Feature Narrative, Brazil, Germany
16-year-old Jéssica lives with her mother María and her step-father Biu in a village on the São Francisco River in eastern Brazil. Her life revolves around school and hanging out ...[more]
Devorador onírico
Ravenous Dreams
2007, Rigo Mora, 3 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
A young man confronts his loneliness in his dreams. To overcome his anxiety, he delves into his own psyche to look for the woman who can join him in his dream world....[more]
Diabla Blanca
White She Devil
2006, Lauracarmen Magaña, 60 mins.
Feature Documentary, Mexico
Travel from the Tokyo subways to the Mexican desert with psychedelic pleasure seekers Akira and Ken as they inadvertently discover the beauty of Huichol culture. In the morning mist of Mount Fuji, fol...[more]
Do the Math
2006, Mary Guzmán, 5 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
Lesbian Filmmaker Mary Guzman describes the equations in her life that let her make it in society. CinePride Showcase....[more]
Dragones, destino de fuego
2006, Eduardo Schuldt, 80 mins.
Feature Narrative, Peru
In this superb Peruvian animation, John John arrives as a lost egg that gets adopted by a family of Condors. After he’s hatched, his troubles begin: wings too small to fly, a body much larger th...[more]
El aprendíz
2005, Jorge Hernandez Aldana, 10 mins.
Short Narrative, Venezuela
A young boy starts working at the main market of the city. Nobody to talk to, rely or count on. He will have to become a man before time...[more]
El búfalo de la noche
The Night Buffalo
2006, Jorge Hernandez Aldana, 98 mins.
Feature Narrative, Mexico
Can madness ensnare two lovers, even when it is projected from beyond the grave? After Gregorio commits suicide, Manuel (played by Diego Luna) is bequeathed a box of random notes, music lyrics and oth...[more]
El Benny
2006, Jorge Luis Sánchez, 120 mins.
Feature Narrative, Cuba
Artistic genius is the central thread in this film about the charismatic Benny Moré, a singer regarded by many to be the greatest Cuban musician of all time. "El Benny" focuses on Mor...[more]
El brassier de Emma
Emma's Bra
2007, Maryse Sistach, 90 mins.
Feature Narrative, Mexico
In terms of pop culture, 1962 was a very good year. Only months before the publication of Betty Friedan’s “The Feminine Mystique,” Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot still enthralled...[more]
El canto del grillo
The Song of the Cricket
2006, Dany Campos, 17 mins.
Short Narrative, Spain
Perurena wants to break off all ties with ETA, the violent Basque separatist movement, but finds that it’s not that easy....[more]
El día de los muertos
The Day of the Dead
2006, Jim Keeshen, 21 mins.
Short Narrative, South Korea, USA
A small boy discovers the meaning of this Mexican tradition through a surreal reunion of his departed grandfather and a long buried pet iguana named Pancho....[more]
El niño que vio a Dios
2006, Ferran Masamunt, 16 mins.
Short Narrative, Spain
Pedro is fearful and closed off due to an issue he wont share with anyone. When it can’t get any worse he calls for God, changing his life forever…...[more]
El quejido
The Lament
2007, Carlos García Campillo, 11 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
After Jacinto falls into a strange crack in the ground from which a strange lament is heard, his family will discover that the true devil might be among themselves....[more]
El viaje de la Nonna
Nonna's Trip
2007, Sebastian Silva, 94 mins.
Feature Narrative, Mexico
La Nonna, grandmother of the Todaro family, forgets everything. Almost. The one thing she won't forget (and keeps insisting on) is her last wish - to go to Italy, to the village of Todaro, the birthpl...[more]
El violín
The Violin
2006, Francisco Vargas, 98 mins.
Feature Narrative, Mexico
This parable explores the rural guerrilla warfare of 1970s Mexico through the story of a peasant, Don Plutarco, and his beloved violin. At first glance Don Plutarco appears to be a doddering fool with...[more]
Eréndira Ikikunari
Eréndira the Indomitable
2007, Juan Mora Catlett, 114 mins.
Feature Narrative, Mexico
A beautifully filmed, almost theatrical, recreation of the 16th century legend of Eréndira, a young Purépecha woman who became an icon of bravery during the destruction of indigenous Mex...[more]
2007, Mónica Enríquez, 1 mins.
Short Documentary, USA
Escrito, poetically gestures to the contradictions of what it means to be a queer immigrant in the U.S. CinePride Showcase....[more]
Fútbol, el nacimiento de una pasión
Football: The Birth of Passion
2006, Jesús Sánchez Romeva, 90 mins.
Feature Documentary, Spain
Nothing ignites passion around the world like football, well, at least no other game. Football-like sports were at the heart of many cultures centuries before the rules of the modern game were first d...[more]
Fabricando Tom Zé
Fabricating Tom Zé
2006, Décio Matos Jr., 90 mins.
Feature Documentary, Brazil
World-renowned Brazilian musician Tom Zé has been making experimental music for more than 40 years. He was part of the early "Tropicália", a movement during the turbulent cultu...[more]
Frekuensia Kolombiana
2006, Vanessa Gocksch, 58 mins.
Feature Documentary, Colombia
Description not available......[more]
2006, Pablo Larraín, 110 mins.
Feature Narrative, Chile, Argentina
"Fuga" is the story of a symphony. Eliseo is a composer obsessed by the rape and murder of his pianist sister when they were both pubescent children in a wealthy Chilean family. In his adult...[more]
2006, Mauricio Jiménez, 8 mins.
Short Narrative, Spain
A young immigrant in Barcelona works slaughtering chickens but can’t escape his memories and grief at not having been able to save his family years before in Albania....[more]
Glue- historia adolescente en medio de la nada
2006, Alexis Dos Santos, 110 mins.
Feature Narrative, UK, Argentina
In his first feature, Alexis Dos Santos perfectly renders a portrait of the inner lives of teenagers: a tangle of passions, disappointments, thrills and dreams. "Glue" introduces us to three...[more]
2006, Vince Navarro, 26 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
A Mexican immigrant leaves his family and taco stand to carve a slice of the American Dream by creating a Mexican restaurant. Recipient of numerous awards....[more]
Hay cosas que no se dicen
2006, Gabriela Calvache, 12 mins.
Short Narrative, Ecuador
A couple enjoys what seems to be a pleasant, ordinary summer afternoon only to find that it will be a day of life-changing consequences. CinePride Showcase....[more]
Hijos de la guerra
Children of the War
2007, Alexandre Fuchs, 81 mins.
Feature Documentary, El Salvador, USA
If you had to choose between being the aggressor or the victim, which would you choose? For refugees of the civil war in El Salvador, fueled by the Reagan administration, it was an easy choice. Founde...[more]
Historia de dos orillas
A Story of Two Riverbanks
2006, Emilio Cartoy Díaz, 57 mins.
Feature Documentary, Argentina
The imminent opening of Finnish paper factory Ence and Botnia on the Uruguayan side of the river separating Uruguay and Argentina, has paradoxically both strained and strengthened relations between th...[more]
Iauareté, cachoeira das onças
Iauareté, Waterfall of the Jaguars
2006, Vincent Carelli, 48 mins.
Feature Documentary, Brazil
Portuguese / Tariano
This inspirational documentary illustrates the struggle of the Taraino Indians of the northwestern Amazon region of Brazil in their effort to maintain their centuries-old traditions, protect their sac...[more]
Inner Sight
2006, Erika Bagnarello, 14 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
Pablo, age 11, has visions of the future that include his sister dying, an outcome he strives to avoid....[more]
2007, Fernando León De Aranoa, Isabel Coixet, Javier Corcuera, Mariano Barroso, 105 mins.
Feature Documentary, Spain
The “Invisibles” are people whose plight is very seldom seen in the western world. In this sobering documentary, produced by renowned Spanish actor Javier Bardem, five directors shed light...[more]
Iridisencia masculina
2007, Javier Zaragoza, 10 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
A lesbian love story with two high school students and the hate they awake to in an old man. CinePride Showcase....[more]
JC Chávez
2006, Diego Luna, 79 mins.
Feature Documentary, Mexico
A triumph at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, “Chávez” is the directorial debut of Mexican star Diego Luna (“Before Night Falls,” “Y tu mamá tambi&e...[more]
La cáscara
The Rind
2007, Carlos Ameglio, 105 mins.
Feature Narrative, Uruguay, Spain, Argentina
When an advertising agency boss suddenly dies in the middle of an important campaign, his assistant Pedro (Juan Manuel Alari) inherits the job. However, Pedro has a notorious reputation for being lazy...[more]
La Cecilia
2005, Ari Carrillo, 4 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico, USA
In this animated short with a soundtrack from “Madame Butterfly” a Japanese tourist is serenaded by a Mexican florist on her last night in Mexico....[more]
La ciudad de los fotógrafos
The City of Photographers
2006, Sebastián Moreno, 80 mins.
Feature Documentary, Chile
In the 1980s under Augusto Pinochet's regime in Chile, a small group of independent photographers took to the streets and documented the atrocities, the violence and the riots going on around them. Wh...[more]
La gran final
The Great Match
2006, Gerardo Olivares, 88 mins.
Feature Narrative, Germany, Spain
“La gran final” is a comedy in three parallel stories about the trials and tribulations of three heroes who never meet but have something in common: they all live in the most remote region...[more]
La leche y el agua
The Water and the Milk
2006, Celso García Romero, 12 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
Beautiful magical realism as an old woman makes sacrifices to recover her best friend, a cow....[more]
La parabólica
The Parabolic Dish
2007, Xavi Sala, 12 mins.
Short Narrative, Spain
During the broadcast of the Pope's visit to Spain, Vicente’s television breaks down. Desperate, he decides to make a homemade parabolic dish, but he wonders if it is worth it....[more]
La quinceañera
2007, Adam Taub, 41 mins.
Short Documentary, USA
Ana Maria’s mother and five siblings are determined to make her Quinceañera a special day, despite a lack of support from her father...[more]
La santería
2004, Federico Eines Levinton, 15 mins.
Short Narrative, Spain
A woman in love asks for answers from a “Santera”. ...[more]
2007, Juan Pablo Zaramella, 4 mins.
Short Narrative, Argentina
In this animated gem, images such as a happy nun break down and reconstruct in surprising ways. ...[more]
Las luciérnagas
The Fireflies
2006, Roberto Minervini, 13 mins.
Short Narrative, Dominican Republic, Italy
Two senior citizens, a widow and a widower, convinced that life has passed them by, get a new lease on life together....[more]
Little Louie
1994, Anahuac Valdez, Kinan Valdez, 15 mins.
Short Documentary,
Description not available......[more]
Lola, la película
Lola, the Film
2007, Miguel Hermoso, 117 mins.
Feature Narrative, Spain
The life of legendary Spanish singer, dancer and film star Lola Flores is celebrated in this bold and stylish portrait. Starting with Flores' childhood in the small town of Jerez, the film follows Lol...[more]
Los laberintos de la memoria
The Labyrinths of Memory
2007, Guita Schyfter, 95 mins.
Feature Documentary, Mexico
This lovingly hand-made documentary from director Guita Schyfter (“Novia que te vea,” ILFF 2006) examines parallel stories of the search for identity and origin. Beginning with the image o...[more]
Los pajarracos
2006, Héctor Hernández, Horacio Rivera, 91 mins.
Feature Narrative, Mexico
A fun fable about “Cachondo”, a womanizing playboy and wrestler who gets into trouble by impregnating the daughter of the town’s most powerful and ruthless drug dealer. His only tick...[more]
2007, Noelle Stout, 59 mins.
Feature Documentary, USA
For many Cubans the word “luchando” refers to the fight for the Cuban Revolution, but for the queer sex workers in the streets of Havana it refers to having sex for survival. Noelle Stout&...[more]
2000, Carlos Isael, 6 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
A surrealistic experimental film exploring the consequences of genetic modified food consumption on humans....[more]
Malos hábitos
Bad Habits
2007, Simón Bross, 98 mins.
Feature Narrative, Mexico
A hit at Cannes and an award winner at Guadalajara, “Malos hábitos” is a deeply layered and visually stunning parable about food and faith. Elena is anorexic and not only obsessed...[more]
Marrying God
2006, Duke Johnson, 18 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
In a seedy Hollywood motel where her mother works as a maid, a little girl must find the courage to confront the harsh reality of adulthood and the loss of innocence....[more]
Niña que espera
2007, Esteban Reyes, 11 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
Eight year-old Angelica bumps into a couple at the airport, insisting that they are her parents, which they deny. Who is right? ...[more]
O ano em que meus pais saíram de férias
The Year My Parents Went on Vacation
2006, Cao Hamburger, 104 mins.
Feature Narrative, Brazil
Combining childhood’s small pleasures with the pains of political persecution, family separation and impending exile is the daunting and satisfying challenge met by Cao Hamburger’s second ...[more]
Orozco: Man of Fire and Rivera in America
2006, Laurie Coyle, Rick Tejada-Flores | 1988 Rick Tejada-Flores, 116 mins.
Feature Documentary, Mexico
Orozco: Man of Fire — "Crisp black-and-white footage of turn-of-the-century Mexico blends with the bold, beautiful imagery and sometimes shocking intensity of José Clemente Orozco's art–and a beautifu...[more]
2004, Sergio Morkin, 60 mins.
Feature Documentary, Argentina
A fascinating ride with taxi-driver, urban artist and social-visionary Oscar Brahim as he challenges Argentinean contemporary consumerism and politics with his graffiti-style transformations of advert...[more]
2006, George Damian, 7 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
Carlos is a "paletero" (popsicle man) who encounters mischievous children and a gorgeous señorita as he pushes his heavy cart through the streets and hills of San Diego....[more]
2000, Cynthia M. Gil, 4 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
Description not available......[more]
2007, Tomas Welss, 9 mins.
Short Narrative, Chile
A couple communicates through food in an act of gluttony and luxury....[more]
Primera comunión
2006, Daniel Eduvijes Carrera, 13 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
A young outsider is confronted with the harsh rituals of a rustic Mexican pueblo where cruelty underlies streetlife and Catholicism alike. ...[more]
Proibido proibir
Forbidden to Forbid
2006, Jorge Durán, 105 mins.
Feature Narrative, Brazil
Tragedy occurs when Paulo, a young medical student, and his two roommates - the romantically involved León and Leticia - try to help the family of a terminally ill patient, Rosalina, from the f...[more]
Señas particulares
2007, Kenya Márquez, 11 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
When Ramona and her son have a quarrel, he leaves the house and never comes back. Ramona feels guilty and, fearing the worst, starts a frustrating search for him....[more]
Silvio Pupo- No Borders
2007, Gwendolyn "GG" Geddes, 3 mins.
Short Documentary, Canada
A glimpse in the life of a Cuban musician in Canada - Silvio Pupo's musical brilliance has no cultural borders....[more]
Sopa de pescado
2007, Nuria Ibañez, 7 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
A bird enters a family’s dining room at dinnertime and upsets things so much that the truth about each family member comes out....[more]
Special Circumstances
2006, Marianne Teleki, 73 mins.
Feature Documentary, Chile, USA
“Special Circumstances” follows Chilean exile Héctor Salgado as he returns to his homeland to seek and confront the men who tortured him and killed his friends after the 1973 coup. ...[more]
Super Amigos
2007, Arturo Perez Torres, 82 mins.
Feature Documentary, Mexico, Canada
Their masked wrestling costumes suggest this is a “Nacho Libre” spoof. But just wait. These five comic-book superheroes champion the causes of Mexico’s oppressed in a vivid and reali...[more]
The Grass Grows Green
2006, Jesus Beltran, 19 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
The story of one Marine's complicated relationship with life and death - exploring the internal struggle of a man bound by honor and duty to recruit the best and the brightest for an uncertain future....[more]
The Legacy of Luis Valdez: Father of Chicano Theater
2005, Pat Launer, Rick Bollinger, 21 mins.
Short Documentary, USA
Description not available......[more]
Tocar y luchar
To Play and to Fight
2006, Alberto Alvero, 70 mins.
Feature Documentary, Venezuela
This is the captivating story of the Venezuelan Youth Orchestra System, an incredible network of hundreds of orchestras formed within most of Venezuela’s towns and villages. Once a modest progra...[more]
Toda una vida
A Whole Life
2006, Alejandro Ramírez, 8 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
After 48 years together, a couple in their sixties find themselves so close to each other and yet so bored that they meet in scary, violent dreams....[more]
Turn Back South
2007, Igor Borovac, 11 mins.
Short Documentary, USA
A story of the inescapable relationships between Border Patrol agents and Mexican migrants. Whose actions are more justifiable?...[more]
Una muerte menor
2007, Ana Paulina Castellanos, 5 mins.
Short Narrative, Mexico
A young boy remembers his short life an instant before his death....[more]
UPA! Una Película Argentina
2007, Camila Toker, Santiago Giralt, Tamae Garateguy, 90 mins.
Feature Narrative, Argentina
First they wanted to shoot a movie, now they want to shoot each other. "UPA! Una película argentina" is a hilarious mockumentary that follows a group of filmmakers as they attempt to ...[more]
2005, Miguel Faria Jr., 120 mins.
Feature Documentary, Brazil, Spain
For Brazilian music lovers, this is an outstanding portrait of the legendary Vinicius de Moraes (1913-1980): poet, musician, composer and diplomat. Beautifully structured, this award-winning documenta...[more]
2005, Eugene Rodriguez, 7 mins.
Short Narrative, USA
A military man and a civilian misunderstand each other at the urinal--or do they?...[more]
Y tu mamá también
And Your Mother, Too
2001, Alfonso Cuarón, 105 mins.
Feature Narrative, Mexico
This multi award-winning film launched the international careers of Festival guests Diego Luna and Carlos Cuarón (Oscar nominated script). When two hormonal boys are left abandoned by their gir...[more]