El viaje de la Nonna

/ Nonna's Trip

2007, Sebastian Silva
94 Mins.
Feature Narrative

La Nonna, grandmother of the Todaro family, forgets everything. Almost. The one thing she won't forget (and keeps insisting on) is her last wish - to go to Italy, to the village of Todaro, the birthplace of her beloved, deceased husband. And she wants to take her entire family with her, but most of them don't want to go. "Why bother?" they think. "She won't remember anyway." But when La Nonna's insistence begins to verge on threats, her family decides to grant her this last wish. Setting out on a journey to make La Nonna happy, the family will encounter laughter and a humorous adventure that takes them through a series of surprises, mix-ups, and even a film within the film. This directorial debut by Mexican Director Sebastián Silva is a charmingly funny, ultimately touching story of a family united by love for their grandmother.


Castro Theatre, Map
Fri 11-02 7:00 PM
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Wells Fargo

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Day of the Dead Organization