Deserto feliz

/ Happy Desert

2007, Paulo Caldas
88 Mins.
Feature Narrative

16-year-old Jéssica lives with her mother María and her step-father Biu in a village on the São Francisco River in eastern Brazil. Her life revolves around school and hanging out with her girlfriends. But when Jéssica is raped by Biu, her world is suddenly in ruins. María urges her not to report the incident to the police. Like so many victims of this tragic crime, Jéssica starts working as a prostitute. After a stint in the nearby streetwalking district, a truck diver takes her to the city where she starts a new round in the nightclubs, having paid sex with tourists. But Jéssica still dreams that one day the right man will fall in love with her and take her away to a better life. When she meets a German named Mark, she begins to fantasize about sharing a life of plenty with him in a cold, wintry country.


Castro Theatre, Map
Sun 11-04 1:30 PM
Camera 12, Map
Sun 11-11 8:45 PM
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