El búfalo de la noche

/ The Night Buffalo

2006, Jorge Hernandez Aldana
98 Mins.
Feature Narrative

Can madness ensnare two lovers, even when it is projected from beyond the grave? After Gregorio commits suicide, Manuel (played by Diego Luna) is bequeathed a box of random notes, music lyrics and other mad ramblings from his now deceased schizophrenic friend. These mutterings begin popping into conversations, playing over the radio and weaving themselves into mysterious unsigned letters to Manuel, forcing him to confront his secret betrayal of Gregorio for Tania, the woman both men loved. An ominous conspiracy lingers in Manuel’s fears, with no help from Tania, whose own erratic behavior occasionally borders on madness. Director Jorge Hernandez Aldana combines raw sexual energy and flashbacks to reveal how Manuel’s conflicted passions for various women have led him to a sequence of decisions that have caused his life to go spiraling into ruin. The film reveals the power of love and sex to change irrevocably one man’s life.


Castro Theatre, Map
Sat 11-03 6:30 PM
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