2007, Juan Flahn
99 Mins.
Feature Narrative

Victor, a shifty real-estate agent in Madrid’s gay district, Chueca, wants to make the neighborhood the next hottest place to live. In fact, he’ll do anything to push out elderly tenants to make room for a younger and more modern gay clientele - even murder. All seems to be going as planned for Victor until he comes into contact with one gay couple, Leo and Rey, who are unimpressed by the changing trends of the neighborhood. Leo and Rey, happily living in their rundown apartment building, are turned off by the gentrification of their once uncomplicated neighborhood and decide to ask Rey's mother to move into the apartment next door. The comedy and melodrama kick into overdrive when the apartment turns out to be one that Victor is trying to get his hands on. This is a hilarious gangster film turned upside down.


Castro Theatre, Map
Fri 11-02 9:45 PM
Sponsored by:
Consulate of Spain, San Francisco

Copresented with:
Frameline Film Festival

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Aguilas Inc.