Malos hábitos

/ Bad Habits

2007, Simón Bross
98 Mins.
Feature Narrative

A hit at Cannes and an award winner at Guadalajara, “Malos hábitos” is a deeply layered and visually stunning parable about food and faith. Elena is anorexic and not only obsessed with her own weight but with that of her slightly pudgy daughter Linda as well. Sent to a diet clinic, Linda’s only friend is a rotund and mischievous boy who knows all the tricks to cheat the system. Meanwhile, Linda’s father is no longer attracted to his skeletal wife and has an affair with a voluptuous Peruvian student with a healthy appetite for both sex and food. Set in Mexico City during rains of biblical proportions, as the action builds to a crescendo, the constant downpour gives this film a magical edge and a claustrophobic beauty. Director Simón Bross’ debut feature is a heartrending drama with moments of humor and irony which gives us food for thought about our own eating habits.


Castro Theatre, Map
Sat 11-03 1:30 PM
Camera 12, Map
Sat 11-10 4:30 PM
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Castellano Family Foundation