El Benny

2006, Jorge Luis Sánchez
120 Mins.
Feature Narrative

Artistic genius is the central thread in this film about the charismatic Benny Moré, a singer regarded by many to be the greatest Cuban musician of all time. "El Benny" focuses on Moré’s life as he rises from unknown to superstar in 1950s Cuba, a time when the country’s musical talent was arguably the best in the Western Hemisphere. Amid the political turmoil brewing throughout the country, Benny Moré’s masterful voice and his Banda Gigante transform the dance halls and casinos of Havana with infectious rhythms that have survived across generations. His talent was larger than one single life, and his death, not long after the Cuban Revolution, signified the end of a much-revered period of Cuban music and culture. "El Benny" is more than a bio-pic; it is a study of the personal demons that so often accompany artistic genius and the price Moré paid for his unchecked passion for life’s vices.


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