2007, Fernando León De Aranoa, Isabel Coixet, Javier Corcuera, Mariano Barroso
105 Mins.
Feature Documentary

The “Invisibles” are people whose plight is very seldom seen in the western world. In this sobering documentary, produced by renowned Spanish actor Javier Bardem, five directors shed light on the solemn lives of victims of political unrest, poverty, and corporate greed across the world. Whether it is Chagas disease in Bolivia, systematic rape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, or political unrest in Columbia, the people who suffer the brunt of the violence and injustice remain concealed from the world’s eye. “Invisibles” connects audiences with the desperate stories of these victims in a true wakeup call for anyone concerned about ending suffering in the world. The film includes segments directed by such acclaimed filmmakers as Wim Wenders (“Paris, Texas”, “Buena Vista Social Club”), Goya award winner Isabel Coixet (“The Secret Life of Words”) Fernando León de Aranoa (“Los lunes al sol”), Mariano Barroso, and Javier Corcuera.


Castro Theatre, Map
Sat 11-03 11:00 AM
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