Special Circumstances

2006, Marianne Teleki
73 Mins.
Feature Documentary

“Special Circumstances” follows Chilean exile Héctor Salgado as he returns to his homeland to seek and confront the men who tortured him and killed his friends after the 1973 coup. Arrested at age 16, Salgado was imprisoned for three years and then sent into exile to the United States, forbidden to return to Chile to see his family. This documentary is the result of five years of determined digging, where Salgado talks to victims’ families and survivors who express differing yet always passionate opinions about Chile’s past. Some of the most dramatic scenes are when Salgado confronts former members of the military, about their roles in the atrocities. Now, over thirty years later, we see the legal, political and social obstacles standing in the way of a nation’s attempt to overcome its brutal history. “Special Circumstances” gives us a rare look at contemporary Chile and the nation’s efforts to reconcile its troubling history.


Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Map
Thu 11-15 7:45 PM

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La Peña Cultural Center

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