JC Chávez

2006, Diego Luna
79 Mins.
Feature Documentary

A triumph at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, “Chávez” is the directorial debut of Mexican star Diego Luna (“Before Night Falls,” “Y tu mamá también,” “Sólo Dios sabe”) who will be the guest of honor at ILFF 07 and present the film at its West Coast premiere. Upon reading the eponymous title, viewers may wonder, “which Chávez?” Famous in international boxing circles, and considered one of the sport's all-time great talents, Mexican boxer Julio César Chávez battled his way from a poverty-stricken family of ten to enjoy the iconic stature of a national hero. Along the way, Chávez earned a near-record 89 straight professional victories and served unwittingly as politicos’ poster boy. As Luna follows “Mr. Knockout” during the wrenching final matches of his career, his cinema-vèritè style and elemental soundtrack reflect the kinetic physicality, balletic quality, and brute force of boxing and captures the emotional gamut inherent in this sporting life.


Castro Theatre, Map
Sat 11-03 4:00 PM
Camera 12, Map
Sat 11-10 2:30 PM
Sponsored by:
Castellano Family Foundation